Used NOVASCAN 420 #117521 for sale

ID: 117521
Controller unit Part no: 210-48000-01.
NOVASCAN 420 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide high-precision measurement, analysis and real-time process performance. It is the most powerful tool for measuring and maintaining critical process parameters. Equipped with a variety of testing methods, 420 allows for accurate and timely detection of parametric defects and other irregularities for ensured process optimization. The system consists of a high-speed laser scanning platform, a CCD camera, a high-resolution optical imaging unit, a series of embedded filters and various test algorithms. The laser scanning platform features a high precision vector drive, allowing the machine to accurately measure each wafer's ultra-thin profiles and curves. The CCD camera captures real-time images of each wafer, providing full-angle visibility without the need to reposition the camera. The optical imaging tool provides accurate 3D measurements with nanometer precision, allowing for precise analysis of even the smallest surface features. The embedded filters provide multiple wavelengths of light, allowing various materials with different optical properties to be analyzed. NOVASCAN 420's testing algorithms are designed to detect any measurable discrepancy in the wafer's nominal characteristics. The algorithms compare actual measurements to a pre-determined set of values, providing real-time feedback on process performance. Advanced solutions like multiple device parameter monitoring and comprehensive pattern recognition are also enabled. The asset also integrates easily with existing automation platforms for easier integration. Overall, 420 is a powerful wafer testing and metrology model with a precise laser scanning, a full-angle CCD camera, a high-resolution imaging equipment and various test algorithms, giving users a precise tool to ensure process optimization.
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