Used NOVASCAN 420 #195144 for sale

ID: 195144
controller unit Part No.: 210-48000-01.
NOVASCAN 420 is a sophisticated wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for vendors, manufacturers and research centers that purposes to evaluate the performance of a range of wafer types. It is capable of performing image analysis and 3D surface mapping of small and large wafers alike, from various semiconductor substrates, such as silicon-on-insulator (SOI) and silicon-on-platinum (SOP) wafers. The system is based on a double-sided nanometer scanning unit, which is able to capture a wide range of nanometer surface features, such as pits, scratches, and polish pattern irregularities. It also provides on-board surface defect analysis and advanced metrology capabilities, such as profile statistics, 2D imaging quality testing, and 3D surface imaging. To provide users with the necessary accuracy and flexibility, 420 features advanced optics, software and motorised components, which allow for a single scan of the entire wafer at a fast processing speed. Furthermore, the machine's autofocus and autocollimator capabilities enable the tool to track any changes in surface or a photograph's angle enabling it to properly perform scan transits even if the wafer or photograph is not even. In addition to the features found in the asset, NOVASCAN 420 also provides a number of accessories, such as a spindle for wafer inspection, a wafer carrier for large wafers, and an edge monitoring head. These help in aligning wafers prior to the analysis and in providing the necessary sample alignment. The model can also be integrated with other equipment, such as a SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope), X-Ray Metrology Instruments, and Wafer Designers, to create an all-in-one testing solution. Overall, 420 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment that is designed to give users the best quality in testing and analysis. With its advanced optics, comprehensive accessories, and ability to integrate with other testing equipment, NOVASCAN 420 is a complete solution for all of your wafer testing needs.
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