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OAI 311
ID: 9169990
Intensity profiler.
OAI 311 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment used by semiconductor manufacturers. It provides a comprehensive suite of wafer metrology capabilities, including monitoring particle size and composition, defect mapping, optical inspection, contamination analysis, and critical dimension (CD) measurements. The system employs energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS), which enables analysis of a sample's chemical composition and particle size. It uses a novel x-ray detector to measure the size and shape of particles down to nanometer-scale resolution. Additionally, the unit is able to detect, isolate, and analyze various possible defects in the wafer surface, such as micro-cracks, particulates, and pre-existing flaws. In addition to EDS, the machine utilizes a scanning electron microscope (SEM) to provide users with visualization of a wafer's surface features, including wiring paths, line width, land topology, and defect locations. The SEM also passes an electron beam across the sample, allowing detection of contaminants, charged particles, and other nanoscale elements. These capabilities are complemented by an optical inspection tool, which captures images of the wafer surface and processes them for precision measurements. The asset further includes a measurement metrology capability, which enables users to measure a wafer's critical dimensions—such as gate width, contact depth, and doping profile—with nanometer-level accuracy. This detailed analysis allows for greater control over wafer processing quality, providing customers with assured reliability and quality assurance. In summary, 311 offers an advanced suite of technology capabilities, enabling analysis of both particle composition and critical dimension measurements with nanometer-level resolution. Its defect analysis and metrology capabilities provide customers with confidence in the accuracy and reliability of their wafer processing yields.
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