Used OHKURA DP2301 #9134043 for sale

ID: 9134043
Wafer Size: 8"
Digital profilers, 8".
The OHRKURA OHKURA DP2301 Wafer Testing and Metrology Equipment is a high performance automated platform designed for the inspection and testing of integrated circuits, allowing accuracy to the nanometer (nm) size. It is founded upon a stereometric scanner which captures and analyses 2D images to create a 3D surface model of the IC wafer. Embedded algorithms make use of these images to create a detailed map for testing which the system then uses for feature detection. DP2301 features a high-resolution camera with automated focus capability which enables for more precise and accurate inspection. The opto-electronics measurement unit allows for high-precision measurements to enhance accuracy and the faster speed of operation over manual measurement techniques. The machine further features a computer-controlled wafer table for optimized movement and control. The precision stage design offers accuracy at the nanometer range for wafer alignment and can be integrated for dual-side wafer testing. OHKURA DP2301 also comes with a user-friendly software interface for full parameter control, data import and export functionalities and data storage. DP2301 utilizes a unique methodology for wafer alignment and detection. The tool relies on edge detection algorithms to determine the alignment and generates a Z-axis height map for feature detection. The height map uses grayscale values to determine the position and arrangement of the ICs. It further uses the height map as input to the feature detection algorithms to isolate and detect defects. OHKURA DP2301's imaging asset further enables comprehensive IC technology testing, offering support for a variety of test functions and metrology requirements. Its testing capabilities include capacitance, resistivity, reliability, and drive current/resistance measurements. It also allows for multi-site testing on both sides of the wafers to support all 3D metrology requirements of ICs. The OHRKURA DP2301 is an essential tool for ensuring production accuracy and consistency in IC manufacturing. Its advanced capabilities allow for detailed analysis and testing for full wafer specifications, enabling a highly reliable production environment.
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