Used OHKURA DP2301 #9144807 for sale

ID: 9144807
Wafer Size: 8"
Digital profiler, 8".
OHKURA DP2301 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide accurate and reliable data for yield analysis and process monitoring in semiconductor fabrication lines. This product is a cost-effective alternative to more expensive and time-intensive metrology systems, and it can be used for a variety of tasks including wafer thinning, oxide layer thickness, surface roughness, total dose, resistivity, and C-V measurements. The system features a single wafer stage capable of accommodating up to 200 mm wafer sizes. The advanced design of DP2301 offers precise and repeatable alignment and positioning of the stage, which is essential for accurate metrology. The unit also features an integrated wafer handler which is capable of conveying wafers from the wafer cassette to the wafer stage. This ensures quick and easy measurement setup. OHKURA DP2301 is fitted with a powerful laser-powered optics machine for imaging and measuring the sample. The tool's high resolution coupled with its ability to detect small particles of debris or contamination makes it ideal for process monitoring. It is also capable of performing simultaneous multiple wafer scans, which drastically speeds up yield analysis. DP2301 provides a comprehensive range of data which can be used for comprehensive analysis and assessment. This data includes die-to-die resistivity, thin oxide layer thickness, surface roughness, total layer dosedifferences, X-Ray absorbance measurements, and much more. The intuitive software and user-friendly interface makes data analysis and generation extremely easy, and enables seamless integration with other systems. OHKURA DP2301 is designed and built with the reliability and durability necessary for long-term operation, and it is capable of withstanding harsh and hazardous environments such as those in fabrication lines. The asset's modular design ensures that any necessary maintenance and repair can be carried out quickly and hassle-free. Overall, DP2301 is one of the most reliable and cost-effective wafer testing and metrology systems available. It provides reliable performance with high accuracy and repeatability, and is suitable for a variety of tasks.
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