Used OHKURA FA3000 #9133033 for sale

ID: 9133033
Vintage: 1996
Data stage machine control system 1996 Vintage.
OHKURA FA3000 is a fully automated wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for production lines. It assists in the fast and accurate testing of wafers for the presence of defects, such as die-to-die shorts, opens, and burrs. FA3000 is capable of high-speed testing with high accuracy and resolution and supports a wide range of materials and wafer sizes. OHKURA FA3000 is powered by an advanced image-processing system which uses multiple cameras and light sources for improved testing accuracy and precision. Four different color illuminating LED lights and ozone-free lamps allow for the examination of challenging die topography issues. The F3000 also features a dual pin test head which helps to reduce wafer processing time, allowing for greater throughput. In addition, FA3000 also uses an advanced probe-positioning unit to ensure pin alignment accuracy in the test process. This allows for improved wafer testing while minimizing the risk of die damage or shorts. Furthermore, the machine uses the latest laser-based technology to quickly locate each die site and accurately measure the surface area. Finally, OHKURA FA3000 includes a usser-friendly graphical interface, allowing for enhanced wafer testing operations and enables easy operation for even the most inexperienced users. It also includes advanced analysis and reporting tools which allows users to review the test results quickly and easily. Overall, FA3000 is an efficient and reliable automated wafer testing and metrology tool, ideal for any wafer production line. Its advanced image-processing asset, dual pin test head, and advanced probe-positioning capabilities ensure accurate and consistent testing, providing users with the best possible performance.
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