Used OHKURA FA3000 #9133034 for sale

ID: 9133034
Vintage: 1997
Data stage, machine control system 1997 Vintage.
OHKURA FA3000 is a wafer testing and metrology system designed to enable rapid and accurate sample measurement and inspection. This system is built on a compact platform and incorporates a high-accuracy x-y stage, high speed processor, and a wide range of available metrology sensors. With the appropriate sensors, FA3000 is capable of measuring physical properties such as profile, thickness, flatness, surface roughness, taper, parallelism, curvature, and surface contamination as well as material properties such as humidity, flowability, and thermal conductivity. OHKURA FA3000 is equipped with a high-precision X-Y stage and air bearings that provide a smooth and stable sample motion, allowing for high accuracy and repeatability. The stage also has a working area with a diameter of up to 200mm and a maximum travel of 130mm. Additionally, FA3000 includes advanced auto-leveling and image viewing functions that can easily be set up and used with arbitrary layouts while accommodating various sample sizes and shapes. OHKURA FA3000 provides high-speed analysis with a multi-core processor and sophisticated algorithms, including image processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. This ensures fast and accurate data processing and analysis. Furthermore, FA3000 allows users to customize their test processes with optional interfaces, which include USB, LAN, and RS-232. OHKURA FA3000 also provides a wide range of metrology sensors that can be used to measure physical properties. These include laser displacement sensors for measuring profile, thickness, flatness, and taper; surface roughness sensors for evaluating surface texture; and environmental sensors for detecting humidity, flowability, and temperature. FA3000 also supports the use of various vision systems, including line-scan, area-scan, and 3-D systems. In conclusion, OHKURA FA3000 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology system that offers high accuracy, repeatability, and speed. It can be used for physical and material property measurements with a wide range of metrology sensors, and users can customize the test process with several interfaces and optional vision systems.
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