Used OKURA DP 2301 #9227171 for sale

ID: 9227171
Wafer Size: 8"
Digital profilers, 8".
OKURA DP 2301 is a sophisticated wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for measuring and inspecting device performance on thin-film wafers. As an automated system, DP 2301 offers unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in wafer testing and measurement. This state-of-the-art technology incorporates a wide variety of features that ensure precise measurement of resistance, capacitance, and other characteristics of thin-film devices. OKURA DP 2301 has advanced high-speed sensors that offer very exact readings of each device tested. The unit is backed by a high-resolution CCD camera and line scan technology that takes detailed images of the wafer surfaces. Integrating these imaging capabilities, the machine compares the image captures with predetermined reference points to determine device characteristics. The tool provides updated detailed images of each wafer in real-time to ensure maximum accuracy. Internally, DP 2301 uses 4-axis movement on the X, Y, Torque and Z axes for testing and measuring. This asset also comes with an integrated linear drive model that is capable of measuring wafer thickness at a full 25 millimeters and allows for accurate repeatable measurement without having to account for any changes in setup or environment. To ensure optimum efficiency, the equipment can measure up to 1,000 devices per cycle with minimal operator intervention. Built-in software allows for the accurate recording of measurement data and images. It also provides an intuitive operator interface for controlling the diagnostic results in real-time. OKURA DP 2301 also meets all safety regulation requirements, providing a reliable and secure testing environment. DP 2301 is highly reliable and accurate, offering superior measurement capabilities and repeatability. Its ability to automate testing without any manual intervention makes it an ideal choice for any wafer testing or metrology application. This system's cutting edge technology ensures it will always be able to deliver the highest quality results.
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