Used OKURA DP 2301A01 #9227172 for sale

OKURA DP 2301A01
ID: 9227172
Wafer Size: 8"
Digital profilers, 8".
OKURA DP 2301A01 Wafer Testing and Metrology Equipment is an advanced testing and metrology tool used to measure a wide range of semiconductor wafer properties. This tool allows for rapid metrology and inline testing of wafers during manufacturing processes. It features a modular design, allowing up to four metrology heads and two probes to simultaneously measure across the wafer surface with nanometer accuracy. The system can accurately measure various electrical parameters such as line width, space width, voltage threshold, waveform, impedance, etc. In addition, the unit easily integrates with major process control systems to provide automated feedback to production operations. DP 2301A01 machine includes a multi-axis motion stage with an integral scanhead. This ensures high precision motion of the metrology head, maintaining accuracy within 10 nanometer error rates while scanning the entire wafer surface. The tool also offers 50 meters per second scan speed and the ability to scan wafers as large as 200mm with up to 4 metrology heads and two probes. The asset's integrated control software allows for comprehensive test procedures to be tailored to the specific needs of the wafers. It features both hardware and software libraries for data acquisition, signal processing, and calibration of the metrology heads. It additionally contains I/O control for wafer handling and process integration, real-time control and adaptable process automation, and full-featured reporting capabilities. OKURA DP 2301A01 Model also offers integrated database management for storing metrology results. This allows users to monitor trends in wafer performance over time and obtain detailed defect tracking. It also allows for storage of process traces, trace generation, and statistical control. Additionally, the equipment includes various safety and diagnostic features to protect hardware and software integrity and ensure proper system operation. Overall, DP 2301A01 Wafer Testing and Metrology Unit is a highly advanced tool designed to yield highly accurate and reliable results. Its modular construction and advanced software capabilities make it a powerful solution for the wafer testing and metrology needs of both semiconductor manufacturers and research laboratories.
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