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Liquid delivery cabinet.
OLIN MICROELECTRONIC MATERIALS 25 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment for semiconductor products and wafer structures. This system allows users to measure thin film thicknesses down to a nanometer level with high accuracy of ±2%. The device is used for testing multiple wafers with different patterns, such as thin film, photoresist, photoluminescent, photovoltaic, and diffusion. The unit is equipped with a shielded microscope, an X-ray source, an X-ray detector, a shutter release, and a manipulator to handle and measure wafer samples. The machine is based on an X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technique. This process involves irradiating a sample with X-rays to generate a beam of energetic electrons from inner shell transitions of the atoms within the sample. These electrons then excite the outer shell electrons of atoms, which are detected as fluorescent X-rays. This fluorescence signal is used to measure sample thin film thicknesses. The tool also includes other features, such as spectra mapping, 3D imaging, and film analysis. The spectra mapping feature is used for analyzing peak shapes and relative intensities of the detected X-rays. 3D imaging is used for measuring cross-sectional surface profiles and non-uniformities of the material. Additionally, the film analysis feature is used for analyzing the composition of thin films. The asset is capable of measuring substrates up to 200mm in diameter, with sample thickness ranging from 1 nanometer to 10 micrometers. Furthermore, the model is also equipped with an optical encoder, which allows the manipulator to rotate the samples up to 360° in a continuous movement. This provides users with a more accurate and repeatable data measurement. 25 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide high-accuracy results in a simple and efficient manner. This system is a great tool for analyzing and optimizing new material designs for industrial applications.
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