Used OPTICAL GAGING PRODUCTS Flash CNC 200 #9160527 for sale

ID: 9160527
Vintage: 2010
Profilometer Includes: Joystick control panel computer controls 2010 vintage.
Optical Gaging Products OPTICAL GAGING PRODUCTS Flash CNC 200 is a equipment designed specifically for wafer testing and metrology. It features a combination of hardware and software, designed with one goal in mind: to allow manufacturers to measure, analyze, and inspect wafers with extreme precision. At the heart of Flash CNC 200 is a digital, modular, highly accurate metrology system, which is designed to allow for automated, real-time wafer measurements. This advanced unit allows OPTICAL GAGING PRODUCTS Flash CNC 200 to acquire data from wafers at high speed and with extremely high precision. The machine also features a very intuitive touchscreen-based user interface, allowing for the quick and easy navigation of on-screen menus. The hardware components that make up Flash CNC 200 are designed to guarantee the highest level of accuracy. It incorporates a variety of different sensors, including a high-precision dual laser interferometer, a laser rangefinder, and a CCTV camera. These components allow OPTICAL GAGING PRODUCTS Flash CNC 200 to effectively measure and extract data from wafers. The software that is included with Flash CNC 200 is designed to make data acquisition and analysis a breeze. It features a completely automated inspection process, with the ability to quickly and easily extract data from wafers. It supports a huge selection of different file formats, making it easy to integrate with other systems and software. It also includes a library of advanced image analysis algorithms, providing detailed 3D surface analysis of wafers. OPTICAL GAGING PRODUCTS Flash CNC 200 tool is also designed to be integrated easily into a wide range of other systems, such as automation platforms. It can easily be connected to other optical, mechanical, and electronic testing systems to allow for more comprehensive data gathering and analysis. Overall, Flash CNC 200 asset is designed to provide the ultimate tool for precise wafer testing and metrology. Its combination of advanced hardware, powerful software, and easy integration makes it ideal for any application where precision and accuracy are essential.
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