Used OPTICAL GAGING PRODUCTS Smartcope Flash CNC 200 #9182301 for sale

ID: 9182301
Vintage: 2011
Profilometer Includes: Joystick control panel computer controls 2011 vintage.
The OPTICAL GAGING PRODUCTS OPTICAL GAGING PRODUCTS Smartcope Flash CNC 200 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment developed to handle the specific requirements of semiconductor manufacturing. As part of an automation and measurement system, the Smartcope is embedded with advanced software and hardware that helps it adapt to the changing needs of the fab environment. Smartcope Flash CNC 200 is designed to provide non-destructive testing and measurement of wafers and materials as part of a larger process control, metrology, and industrial scale solutions. It is capable of performing a broad range of measurements, from simple diagnostics to complex analysis. This is achieved through its highly sophisticated firmware and highly sensitive optical module. OPTICAL GAGING PRODUCTS Smartcope Flash CNC 200 is exactly what any modern semiconductor lab requires for enabling maximum efficiency and accuracy. It features a customizable four-degree rotary module, making it capable of achieving three-dimensional measurements including batch operations. The unit also provides significant advantages to existing robotic measuring technologies, such as fast data collection, improved wafer alignment, and highly accurate wafer inspection and measurement processess. To further boost performance, the machine also offers an 8-axis motion control architecture that allows for integrated scanning of wafer die and die package surfaces. An essential component of Smartcope Flash CNC 200 includes its ultra-precision mechatronic alignment tool (UPAS) for enhanced repeatability. This UPAS module helps conveniently and accurately define the reference points on any wafer die or die package surface, thus ensuring the accuracy and repeatability of measurements. Additionally, the UPAS integrates with the asset's firmware for additional accuracy of measurements, parts of any kind, and electro-mechanical components. OPTICAL GAGING PRODUCTS Smartcope Flash CNC 200 is also equipped with a graphical user interface for easy and intuitive operation. This interface enables efficient set-ups and the use of basic geometric shapes for improved accuracy when making measurements. Furthermore, the model also offers remote maintenance, as users can access the equipment from any location with an internet connection. Overall, the OPTICAL GAGING PRODUCTS Smartcope Flash CNC 200 is a powerful, versatile, and intuitive wafer testing and metrology system designed to tackle the challenges faced in modern semiconductor manufacturing environments. With fast data collection, enhanced wafer alignment, improved accuracy, and ultra-precision mechatronic alignment, OPTICAL GAGING PRODUCTS Smartcope Flash CNC 200 is a must-have if you're looking for a top-of-the-line wafer testing and metrology unit.
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