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ID: 9130829
Bump height measurement systems.
ORC MEM-5296D is a wafer testing and metrology scanning electron microscope (SEM) equipment designed for imaging and evaluating the microstructures of various advanced materials. It is a fully automated system with integrated 5-axis SEM goniometer, which provides precise and efficient measurements of crystal structures, grain boundaries, and other fine structures. The unit is also equipped with a 15kV FEG (field emission gun) electron source and a high-resolution, high-speed imaging machine, which provides images with high dynamic range and high contrast. MEM-5296D utilizes a new technology, known as Digital Image Correlation (DIC), to accurately measure the surface topography of a material, and to detect and analyze strain and microstructural changes. It enables the user to analyze and compare different materials with a high level of sensitivity and accuracy. The tool can also capture a wide range of data, including X-ray spectra, atomic force microscopy data, Raman spectroscopy data, and optical microscopy data. The asset has multiple operating modes. These include a sample analysis mode, for comparing samples in different environments; a static scan mode, for generating a series of images at different magnifications and angles; a timed scan mode, for capturing a sequence of images over time; and a step scan mode, for capturing images at different tilts and steps. ORC MEM-5296D also comes with a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive suite of analysis and visualization software to make operation of the model easy and efficient. The software can also be used to analyze and visualize data obtained from the equipment, and to provide reports. MEM-5296D is an excellent tool for analyzing and evaluating the microstructures and properties of various advanced materials. It is a versatile and powerful system, which can provide accurate and comprehensive data for advanced materials research and development. Its integrated 5-axis SEM goniometer provides high precision and fast results, while the digital image correlation technology provides a unique level of sensitivity and accuracy. The unit also comes with a comprehensive set of analysis and visualization software, enabling the user to quickly and accurately analyze and evaluate the data.
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