Used ORC MEM-5296D #9150903 for sale

ID: 9150903
Bump height measurement systems.
ORC MEM-5296D is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for the measurement and characterization of microelectronic components and materials. The system features a highly sensitive, photodiode array sensor for fast and accurate electrical measurements and combined optical and electrical metrology capabilities for transistor level analysis. The unit is automated and highly configurable, allowing for the measurement and characterization of a wide range of components, from transistors and diodes to solar cells and piezoelectric materials. MEM-5296D machine features an integrated dual-wafer handling tool that allows for the testing of up to four wafers simultaneously. It also includes multi-parameter, multi-frequency testing capabilities and a comprehensive database asset for storing measurement data. The model has a modular design, allowing for easy upgrades of hardware and software components. Additionally, the equipment can be configured for high temperature, high speed, and extreme environmental testing. ORC MEM-5296D provides advanced electrical and combined optical-electrical metrology capabilities for transistor level analysis. The system features advanced imaging capabilities, including a sensitive-diode array, a multichannel-point detector, a current-voltage analyzer, and a drift detector. The unit is capable of measurement speeds up to a million measurements per second, as well as high-speed probing. It also includes an Electrothermal Modeling Machine for testing thermal performance and an automated curve fitting routine for advanced transistor characterization. MEM-5296D offers an extensive library of wafer test patterns and algorithms for characterizing wafers. It is also compatible with a variety of process and device control software. Additionally, the tool has a user-friendly graphical interface and a comprehensive data management asset. Overall, ORC MEM-5296D is a powerful and versatile wafer testing and metrology model that enables accurate and high-speed measurements of microelectronic components and materials.
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