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ID: 9194189
Bump height measurement systems.
ORC MEM-5296D is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to enable full precision measurements of both patterned and unpatterended wafers. This system is equipped with a variety of specialized capabilities that enable it to accurately and efficiently measure various attributes of wafers. MEM-5296D is equipped with a 6-axis stage that is capable of lapping and polishing up to five inch full patterned or unpatterended wafers. This stage allows for wafer centering, placement accuracy, and very quick wafer movement. It also allows for measurements to be taken directly on the wafer, which enables faster and more accurate readings. This unit is also outfitted with a unique high speed metrology machine that has a resolution of up to 800 nm. This tool is designed for high-precision contactless optical measurements. It is capable of detecting small variations in light intensity and creating a 3D measurement map. This asset is also capable of 3D imaging, which enables the model to provide complete surface analyses of the wafer, including edge profile, step height, and pattern dimensions. ORC MEM-5296D is also integrated with proprietary, advanced algorithms that allow for comprehensive wafer analysis in a fraction of the time it takes traditional metrology systems. The optimization algorithm allows users to accurately measure the dimension and position of nanoscale features on a wafer, while the error profile identification algorithm enables the equipment to measure and log the size and position of features in real-time. MEM-5296D is designed for maximum convenience and efficiency. The ergonomic user interface offers a wide range of functions and settings that can be tailored to the user's specific needs. The user-friendly controls and intuitive dashboard make it easy to navigate through the system. In addition, this unit is also designed for compatibility with a wide range of other metrology systems. It can be used to create joint reports and calibrations with other systems. ORC MEM-5296D is an advanced wafer testing and metrology machine that has been designed to meet the most demanding requirements of both industry professionals and academic researchers. Its high precision measurements, advanced imaging, and intuitive user interface make it an ideal choice for a variety of metrology applications.
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