Used ORC MEM-5926 #9017907 for sale

ORC MEM-5926
ID: 9017907
Wafer Size: 6"-8"
Vintage: 1995
Bump height measurement system, 6"-8" 1995 vintage.
ORC MEM-5926 is a tested and metrology equipment designed to utilize multiple beam laser scanning for the precision measurement of thin-film devices. This system can work with multiple complex metal and dielectric materials, including thin-film multilayer optical coatings. The unit is based on a double beam interferometry technique that provides accurate and repeatable measurements of thin-film optical devices such as diffractive gratings, thin-film reflectors, beam splitters, polarizers, and anti-reflective coatings. The machine is composed of a light source, a scanning unit, and a electronics controller. The light source is a dual wavelength diode laser that provides highly accurate and repeatable measurements for thin-film devices. The scanning unit contains two sets of mirrors and a rotating disk. This disk is used to scan and measure the thin film device with two separate laser beams. The reflections of each laser are then recorded by a CCD camera and analyzed using a software based image processing algorithm. The controller provides accurate and reliable control of the laser source and mirror/disk scanning. It can operate in multiple modes with different levels of sensitivity, and can work in both two- and three-dimensional scanning regimes. The controller can also capture images of the thin film devices using its integrated image acquisition program. The tool is capable of measuring thin-film optical components with an accuracy of ± 0.05 nm. It also provides a wide range of operating temperature, from 0 °C to 55 °C and can withstand physical shocks of up to 200 g per acceleration. These capabilities make MEM-5926 a versatile, high-performance, and cost-efficient option for a variety of thin-film device testing and metrology applications.
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