Used ORC MEM-5926 #9018578 for sale

ORC MEM-5926
ID: 9018578
Wafer Size: 6"-8"
Vintage: 2000
Bump height measurement system, 6"-8" 2000 vintage.
ORC MEM-5926 is a next generation, highly automated wafer testing and metrology equipment that offers a robust, reliable solution for industrial applications. The system has been designed and developed with the highest levels of precision engineering which has resulted in near perfect, repeatable results. The unit features a 3-axis robotic arm to enable rapid sample positioning for improved testing and metrology. It has the ability to rapidly and accurately compare the metrology data taken from several samples and determine their characteristics, which is a major advantage over traditional methods. The machine also features an automated vision tool to enable precise and reliable wafer rejection or acceptance. The asset is based on a versatile platform that features the latest advances in wafer testing and metrology technology. It includes a chemical process which is capable of providing reproducible and repeatable parameters for precise sample analysis. The model offers an innovative, user-programmable workflow that enables it to automate testing activities quickly and efficiently. MEM-5926 also offers an advanced sample tracking equipment, featuring a built-in RFID scanner. This can accurately track the progress of all samples and ensure that they are tested in the correct order. This reduces the chance of errors and ensures the highest levels of accuracy and repeatability. In addition, the system also includes an array of diagnostic software and hardware, allowing it to self-diagnose and detect any issues with its operation and alert the user. This makes it easier to troubleshoot and resolve any problems quickly. ORC MEM-5926 has been designed to meet the highest standards of reliability and accuracy. It offers a comprehensive range of features to meet the widest variety of industrial applications, and to help organisations increase their efficiency, reduce their costs, and improve their profitability.
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