Used ORC MEM-5926D #9017908 for sale

ID: 9017908
Wafer Size: 6"-8"
Vintage: 2000
Bump height measurement system, 6"-8" 2000 vintage.
ORC MEM-5926D Wafer Testing and Metrology Equipment is a robust standalone system for advanced surface testing and metrology applications. The fully automated unit is designed to provide fast and accurate accuracy for measurments of dimension, defect coverage, surface topography, and other crucial metrics of wafer devices like semiconductor dies. The machine utilizes a combination of advanced, automated measurement tools to obtain accurate and reliable data. It features high-resolution cameras and advanced optics to capture photomicrographs of fine features, such as scratches, pinholes, pits, and other surface features. It also offers a variety of image processing options such as image sharpening filters, contrast enhancement, and other image enhancement techniques. The tool is equipped with an advanced 3-Axis stage and a high-resolution optical microscope that can capture both in-plane and out-of-plane measurements. This ensures precise alignment of the sample with the measurements and provides high accuracy in metrology analysis. Additionally, the asset includes a wide range of probes for on-wafer testing and data collection. MEM-5926D also offers X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) as an testing option for elemental composition analysis of dielectric layers, due to its ability to measure the absorption of x-rays from elements within the sample. This feature enables users to quickly and accurately determine the average composition of a layer. ORC MEM-5926D provides comprehensive data output and analysis capabilities. It enables users to generate comprehensive quality reports with error analysis and defect evaluation. In addition to its other features, the model can also be fitted with various software tools such as Defect Analysis and Wafer Repair software, allowing users to analyze fault causes and autonomously repair defective surfaces. MEM-5926D Wafer Testing and Metrology Equipment is designed to provide reliable results under a variety of test conditions. It is perfect for high-volume semiconductor production lines, research institutes, and other settings which require accurate testing and metrology data.
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