Used ORC MEM-5926D #9080493 for sale

ID: 9080493
Bump height measurement systems.
ORC MEM-5926D is a wafer testing and metrology equipment, designed to provide quality control and precise measurements for semiconductor fabrication. Highly reliable and accurate results are achieved through the system's innovative features and performance, which include wide range metrology parameters, high throughput capabilities, and data collection for quality control and process monitoring. The unit's advanced optics provides true spectral analysis of optical signals, which allow for accuracy and repeatability in all measurements. A powerful laser source suits the detection of defects with an adjacent laser module, while a high sample rate enables results to be acquired quickly and accurately. A full-featured intuitive user interface provides fast setup and setup for optical-electrical measurements, while dedicated software (MultiGauge) allows for easy data manipulation, signal processing, and data storage/retrieval. MEM-5926D is designed with a powerful real-time 3D imaging machine, allowing users to measure complex wafer or device structures with high precision. Additionally, the tool is compatible with a wide range of automated and manual probers, ensuring a good fit for practically any wafer test application. ORC MEM-5926D's 7-axis prober asset ensures high throughput and precise automated probing, allowing for rapid and repetitive measurements with minimal errors. Furthermore, the model offers great functionality for the wafer maps and allows for quick switching between them, ensuring fast and accurate data acquisition and reductions. MEM-5926D equipment also offers the latest in PCI Express technology, allowing for more powerful control and improved data management. With its industry leading performance and excellent levels of flexibility, ORC MEM-5926D is an ideal wafer test and metrology solution for the semiconductor industry.
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