Used PHILIPS IR-3100 #9093385 for sale

ID: 9093385
Wafer Size: 12"
Infrared depth measuring systems, 12".
PHILIPS IR-3100 is a cutting-edge wafer testing and metrology equipment that offers speed, accuracy, and flexibility for device characterization, characterization of material properties, and metrology of wafers at the nanoscale. The system features a custom optomechanical alignment and choice of scanning optical unit, allowing the user to achieve high lateral resolution and dynamic range. IR-3100 also incorporates advanced software algorithms for automated surface profiling and quality assurance, as well as built-in tools for rapid sample preparation. The machine is equipped with a wide-field imaging tool and a precision nanoposition stage with a gantry-based design and custom mounting asset, allowing for sampling over large areas. This combination of imaging optics and stage allows for speed and repeatability in wafer testing and metrology. The model is also equipped with a variable-step scan mode, allowing users to adjust lateral resolution for different sampling requirements. The variable-step scan mode also provides flexibility for a wide range of materials and surface structures. PHILIPS IR-3100 is packaged with an integrated spectroscopy instrument, capable of real-time analysis of sample reflectance. This allows users to perform wavelength-resolved and wavelength-overlapped optical spectroscopy for the characterization of materials at the nanoscale. IR-3100 also features advanced patterning control, allowing users to customize their surface test set-ups. An "adaptive metrology" feature automatically adjusts imaging parameters to changing surface conditions, ensuring the highest-quality data acquisition. PHILIPS IR-3100 allows for efficient and fast wafer testing and metrology. In addition to providing an integrated spectroscopy instrument, users have the choice of multiple sampling approaches featuring real-time data acquisition and analysis. The advanced algorithms and patterning control software makes the equipment particularly suitable for automated measurements and quality assurance tasks. The variable-step scanning mode makes the system a good choice for a wide range of materials and surface structures, allowing users to save time and increase accuracy in test instrument set-up.
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