Used PHOSEON MX1000 #9226704 for sale

ID: 9226704
Wafer Size: 6"
Infrared Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system, 6".
PHOSEON MX1000 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment for analyzing complex wafer structures. Developed by PHOSEON, MX1000 employs a broad range of integrated optical technologies to rapidly detect and analyze multiple wafer properties including layer thickness, surface roughness, and defect detection. Patented technology in PHOSEON MX1000 offers flexibility needed to measure a wide range of wafer properties from the sub-micron scale to multiple centimeter scales. It also provides a host of advanced applications like Time of Flight, Variable Aperture Spot Measurement, and high-resolution imaging. With its high level of precision and repeatability, MX1000 is ideal for applications including failure analysis, process certification, and device qualification. PHOSEON MX1000 offers an improved imaging system that provides superior automated defect detection capabilities. Its optics enable a wide field of view for comprehensive defect analysis to assess process variations and predict yield. This feature helps identify potential wafer defects before post-processing without having to go through expensive and time-consuming pre-processing steps. The high-resolution optical unit of MX1000 features automated focus adjustments for an expansive depth of field range. This gives engineers the flexibility to analyze various structures in a single step. The ability to perform rapid and accurate imaging is enhanced by automated dust, scratch, and contamination identification capabilities. PHOSEON MX1000 also comes with a flexible metrology toolset for assessing material properties. It offers a wide range of techniques for property measurements, including Quasi-Static Elastic Modulus, Elastic Wave Velocity, Young's Modulus, Hardness, and more. These comprehensive measurement tools assist engineers in assessing the required mechanical properties. Whether it's for quality control or failure analysis, MX1000 provides a robust wafer testing and metrology platform. With its advanced optical and imaging capabilities, capable metrology machine, and flexible toolset, PHOSEON MX1000 helps identify wafer defects quickly and accurately to reduce time to market and improve yield.
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