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PHOTON is a leading manufacturer of wafer testing and metrology equipment that provide state-of-the-art solutions for the semiconductor industry. Their systems are designed to ensure accurate and efficient testing of wafers, allowing for improved quality control and productivity. One of their popular products is the BeamPro, an advanced wafer testing system that offers high-speed, non-contact, and non-destructive testing. It uses laser beam analysis techniques to measure various parameters of wafers, such as thickness, index of refraction, and stress. The BeamPro system provides reliable and precise results, enabling manufacturers to optimize their production processes. Another notable product is the BeamScan 1080, a metrology system that offers automated wafer inspection. It utilizes a high-resolution imaging system to analyze wafers for defects, contamination, and other quality issues. The BeamScan 1080 system enables fast and accurate inspection, reducing the risk of faulty chips entering the market. Furthermore, PHOTON manufactures the SpotScan 0390, a compact and versatile system for wafer surface measurement. It utilizes scanning laser microscopy technology to perform detailed surface analysis, enabling manufacturers to identify and address surface irregularities that could affect chip performance. PHOTON's wafer testing and metrology units offer several advantages, including high precision, speed, automation, and extensive analysis capabilities. These machines help semiconductor manufacturers enhance their manufacturing processes, increase product quality, and reduce costs. Overall, PHOTON's wafer testing and metrology tools, such as the BeamPro, BeamScan 1080, and SpotScan 0390, are cutting-edge solutions that contribute to the continuous improvement of semiconductor manufacturing processes.

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