Used PHOTONICS PL + A200 #9144219 for sale

ID: 9144219
Vintage: 2008
PL Mapper 2008 vintage.
PHOTONICS PL + A200 is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to enable high accuracy and precision in all stages of semiconductor device fabrication. PL + A200 offers advanced tools for thin film metrology, semiconductor device testing, probe station calibration, and overall process control. It utilizes both optical and electrical analysis to accurately measure the structural and electrical properties of wafers. The advanced optical components of PHOTONICS PL + A200 system use non-invasive probing techniques to effectively measure the optical characteristics of wafers such as absorptance, reflectance, and transmission. A unique blue-green-red (BGR) imaging unit works with photo diode arrays to quickly acquire and process large amounts of data in order to provide accurate determination of the uniformity and total wafer area. Advanced electrical features give operators a precise insight into the semiconductor devices they are working with. The impedance versus time feature provides information regarding the current transfer ratio and can quickly and accurately detect material issues within resistors, capacitors, and other semiconductor packaging. Additionally, the transient response feature makes it easy to measure dynamic properties of semiconductor devices accurately. PL + A200 machine is capable of supporting wafer testing and metrology operations at various scales, making it ideal for a wide range of fabrication process applications. It is capable of probing multiple sites simultaneously and can analyze up to 125,000 wafers in a single run. Advanced features, special software, and hardware can be selected for inline wafer testing and metrology, allowing for high accuracy and efficiency in the fabrication process. With its high accuracy and precision, PHOTONICS PL + A200 tool is an ideal choice for wafer testing and metrology in the semiconductor device fabrication process. The advanced optical and electrical features of the asset make it a perfect solution for accurately measuring and analyzing various characteristics and properties of wafers. The model's ability to accurately measure multiple sites simultaneously also makes it a great choice for achieving high performance and preserving production throughput.
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