Used PHOTONICS PL + A200 #9160384 for sale

ID: 9160384
Vintage: 2009
PL Mappers Currently installed in clean room 2009 vintage.
PHOTONICS PL + A200 is an integrated wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for automated semiconductor fabrication processes. This system provides superior accuracy and speed, allowing for high-precision measurements of semiconductor devices. PL + A200 utilizes a proprietary optical unit that includes an integrated DNA probe, spectrophotometer, microscope, and dual-focus multi-channel imaging machine. This tool allows for simultaneous measurement of top-side and bottom-side features, as well as simultaneous measurement of various markers. An automated data acquisition asset allows local processing of up to 2 TB of data. This model also includes a comprehensive library of over 500 parameters and specialized software for die-level characterization. PHOTONICS PL + A200 features advanced imaging techniques such as time-resolved gate-level transfer functions, dynamic curve-fitting, and full lithography simulation capabilities. This equipment also features a patented high-speed optical head for fast surface imaging, an adjustable beam size for defect analysis, and a high-resolution charge-coupled device camera for in-die measurements. PL + A200 provides fast, reliable wafer test and metrology results. This system's automated software processes data from the wafer image efficiently, providing quality control results within minutes. This measurement unit features a Windows 10 based user interface that includes intuitive navigation menus, real-time reporting, and advanced analytical tools. PHOTONICS PL + A200 can be operated manually or with an external computer-controlled robot for automated operation. PL + A200 is specifically designed for microlithographic ramp-ups and for metrology during device fabrication and production. This machine offers an integrated software suite to accurately measure top-side and bottom-side features, as well as an automated library of more than 500 parameters for high-precision characterization. Ongoing technical support and comprehensive training are also provided, ensuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction.
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