Used PRINCETON APPLIED RESEARCH / PAR 410 #77229 for sale

ID: 77229
CV plotter system complete with XY recorder, Temptronic TP36B ThermoChuck system and 5-1/4" diameter gold plated wafer chuck. 30 to 300°C temperature range. 1 Mhz capacitance measurement, +/- 100 volt ramp limits. Probe not included.
PRINCETON APPLIED RESEARCH / PAR 410 is a versatile and innovative wafer testing and metrology equipment, capable of providing high-precision measurements of many different parameters on wafers during production. The system uses an advanced optical configuration, which includes several lasers, cameras, and detectors to measure both electrical and optical properties of the wafer with a great deal of accuracy and consistency. PAR 410 has the capacity to measure a broad array of physical and electrical properties of semiconductor wafers. The electrical properties include dielectric characteristics, resistivity, and mobility, among others. The optical properties include reflectivity and transmittance, which can be used to characterize the chemical and mechanical properties of the wafers. The unit is also able to take measurements of patterned wafers with a high level of spatial resolution and repeatability. PRINCETON APPLIED RESEARCH 410 also features a wide range of features for users, such as device-programming interface (DPI), a user-friendly graphical interface, and a robust library of tests. The DPI enables end-users to control the various devices on the machine and to customize test programs, as well as to download and store data from the tool. Additionally, the user-friendly graphical interface makes it easy for the user to visualize data quickly, aiding in the analysis of their results. The robust library of tests included with the asset make it quick and easy for users to set up tests for the wafers they are measuring, allowing them to spend less time configuring the model and more time analyzing their results. Additionally, the equipment also has an automated calibration system, which enables users to easily recalibrate the unit to ensure consistent accuracy and reliability of their measurements. In summary, 410 wafer testing and metrology machine is a versatile and reliable solution for measuring a wide range of physical and electrical properties of semiconductor wafers. Its advanced optical configuration, robust library of tests, user-friendly graphical interface, and automated calibration tool make it an ideal choice for quality control and production testing of semiconductor wafers.
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