Used QUORUM TECH / BIO-RAD / POLARON E-5000 #127443 for sale

ID: 127443
SEM Coating system and power supply.
QUORUM TECH / BIO-RAD / POLARON E-5000 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to be used in a wide range of micro- and nano-electronic manufacturing processes. This system provides an accurate, high-resolution, non-contact metrology and inspection capability for a wide range of products and wafers, from the nascent innovation and research stages through to production level. BIO-RAD E-5000 employs advanced imaging optics to provide a high-fidelity, non-destructive inspection and metrology capability. Wafers are placed on the unit's stage and scanned with a combination of both a high-resolution CCD array and an array of LED-based illumination apertures that are programmed to provide the desired image. The high resolution of the imaging array ensures excellent accuracy and repeatability, with results that are precise down to the nanometer-level. The machine is further capable of carrying out a range of tests and analysis. It has the ability to carry out multiple, simultaneous tests across the entire wafer, providing an overview of the entire structure in one go. The data obtained from the imaging tool is also used by the algorithms on board the asset to determine surface roughness measurements, leakage current, and other common electrical parameters. The model also has a number of integrated packages that allow for a wide range of additional testing capabilities. It can be used to perform etch profiling, topography imaging and analysis, as well as 3D measurements of the surface. Advanced algorithms enable quantitative analysis for device performance optimization and technology assessment such as critical dimensions, linearity, overlay, and gap measurement. Overall, POLARON E-5000 is an invaluable tool for any micro- and nano-electronic production process. Its advanced imaging capabilities and integrated software packages provide a comprehensive and reliable testing and metrology equipment that is extremely precise and highly repeatable. Its effectiveness in identifying and synthesizing defects ensures the quality and reliability of your prototype and production runs.
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