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ID: 9133012
XRF System.
RIGAKU MFM65 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that offers a comprehensive range of capabilities for measuring the electrical, optical, and mechanical properties of semiconductor, optical, and other advanced materials. This sophisticated system combines high-precision instrumentation, software, and imaging techniques to generate reliable measurements at the nanoscale. To determine the properties of a wafer, RIGAKU MFM 65 performs measurements using a scanning tunneling microscope (STM). This high-resolution STM operates in a non-contact mode so as not to damage the wafer sample. The microscope's s probe is made of an aluminum-gold alloy so as to reduce wear on the wafer surface. The probe is then directed over the surface of the wafer, scanning its electrical current and properties as it moves. MFM65 also utilizes Scanning Force Microscopy (SFM) to measure the physical properties of a wafer. SFM involves scanning the surface of a wafer using a specialized probe and measuring its mechanical properties as the tip is moved across the surface. This technique is also highly precise and can detect changes in a wafer's surface structure on the nanometer scale. MFM 65 can also perform spectroscopic measurements on a wafer sample such as measuring the absorption and reflectance spectrum of a material. This is done by directing a pulse of light at the wafer which then reflects back a spectrum of wavelengths, each containing distinct information about the wafer's properties. RIGAKU MFM65 is also capable of measuring electrical and optical properties on the nanoscale - features that are essential to the success of wafer testing and metrology. Finally, RIGAKU MFM 65 also features on-board data processing capabilities. An optimized software unit is used to analyze and interpret the data collected by the instrumentation. The data is then used to generate detailed reports that allow researchers to gain a better understanding of the wafer's properties. MFM65 wafer testing and metrology machine is a sophisticated tool for characterizing the physical properties of wafers at the nanoscale. This tool combines precision instrumentation and imaging techniques with effective data analysis software to produce reliable wafer measurements. This asset provides research scientists and engineers with invaluable insight into the behavior of materials in a variety of industries.
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