Used RUDOLPH MetaPulse 200 #9043700 for sale

ID: 9043700
Wafer Size: 8"
Vintage: 2000
Thickness measurement system, 8" Laser included 2000 vintage.
RUDOLPH MetaPulse 200 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that offers unequaled levels of performance, accuracy, and innovation to provide the best solutions for the most demanding applications. The system is designed to offer a comprehensive solution for wafer characterization and testing. It features a highly advanced, patented optical imaging unit that enables fast and accurate mapping of physical parameters such as topography, humidity, and conductivity across the surface of an entire wafer in real-time. The patented optical imaging machine captures images of the wafer surface at a resolution of 5 microns and is capable of obtaining sustained topographical information with excellent signal-to-noise. RUDOLPH META PULSE 200 offers an intuitive user experience which makes it easy to configure and monitor the tool status. The intuitive control asset features a touch-screen interface and easy mode navigation, enabling quick setup, simple operation, and fast data acquisition. The model includes a flexible, modular platform with expandable sensing capabilities and is compatible with any metrology and test measurement requirements. The equipment also offers superior process control and data collection capabilities, such as sampling and testing measurements, for the highest accuracy measurements. It is equipped with a robust software package that provides complete control of the system, including data collection, control of test equipment, and communication with external systems. Additionally, the unit provides secure and reliable data storage and can be integrated with other RUDOLPH systems, resulting in a comprehensive metrology process. MetaPulse 200 contains an extensive library of metrology information and tests, allowing for the characterization and testing of wafers to industry standards. RUDOLPH suite of software programs enable the operator to generate report forms for each test procedure, providing metrics such as SEM images, mapping of physical characteristics, and 3D renderings. This enables quick and easy analysis of wafer characteristics, and ensures test results meet industry specifications. The accuracy of the machine ensures repeatability of results. META PULSE 200 tool is a powerful and reliable solution for wafer testing and metrology applications. It's advanced features and modular design allow for easy configuration and monitoring of the asset, enabling reliable data collection and reporting. The model is equipped with a broad range of capabilities that enable efficient and accurate testing and metrology operations.
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