Used RUDOLPH MetaPulse 200 #9119342 for sale

RUDOLPH MetaPulse 200
ID: 9119342
Wafer Size: 8"
Metal thickness measurement system, 8" Maximum measurement: 6,000 Å.
RUDOLPH MetaPulse 200 is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology equipment, designed to enable technicians to maintain wafer quality and reliability. It represents the latest in metrology technology, providing efficient and accurate wafer testing and metrology. The system utilizes comprehensive high-end optics, combined with advanced digital electronics, to accurately measure wafer dimensions and characteristics, such as flatness, roughness, geometry and more. An intuitive user interface simplifies the wafer testing and metrology process, allowing technicians to quickly and accurately assess wafer results. The unit boasts a versatile 3-axis motion control machine with encoders, a self-diagnostic CCD camera and imaging software, as well as a powerful computer for analysis and data outputs. This allows technicians to gain a full understanding of an individual wafer's properties and features, and compare them to industry standards. The tool is also equipped with several advanced features to guarantee precise results every time. For example, an automated calibration asset ensures the model is properly aligned and involves no user intervention, while auto-focus technology captures accurate images in seconds. Additionally, the equipment is equipped with a 2-stage zoom system with specially designed optics, which minimizes errors and ensures accurate measurements. In addition to powerful features and remarkable accuracy, the unit also comes with a range of customer service and support services. This includes a comprehensive installation package, 24/7 customer service, a 2 year warranty, and free software upgrades. Ultimately, the Rudolf RUDOLPH META PULSE 200 is the ideal wafer testing and metrology machine for any laboratory. It is reliable, accurate, efficient and user-friendly, providing superior quality wafer testing and metrology with minimal effort.
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