Used RUDOLPH MetaPulse 200 #9202785 for sale

ID: 9202785
Wafer Size: 8"
Vintage: 1999
Thin film thickness metrology system, 8" 1999 vintage.
RUDOLPH MetaPulse 200 is a powerful and sophisticated wafer testing and metrology equipment. It is used in semiconductor manufacturing to determine wafer properties and provide accurate and reliable data about the wafers. RUDOLPH META PULSE 200 is a multi-purpose, automated system that can perform a variety of metrology and wafer testing functions. It is designed to detect physical, electrical, and chemical properties of integrated circuit wafers in a single operation. The unit can accurately measure features such as critical dimension, window, electrical resistance, optical intensity, and other properties of wafers. MetaPulse 200 utilizes advanced measuring technology, such as optical and electrical scanning, to deliver high precision metrology and testing results. The machine is configured with a high-resolution imaging tool, LED array, and detector array for capturing and analyzing results. It can also be fitted with a specialized software package that can provide advanced analysis tools and custom report generation capabilities. META PULSE 200 is also equipped with an integrated sample handling asset, which makes it easy to move, transfer, and analyze up to 12 wafers at a time. This fast and efficient model makes it possible to measure several different parameters, including conductance, dielectric properties, and oxide thickness. Additionally, the equipment features an intuitive user interface, allowing users to quickly learn how to use the equipment and perform metrology and wafer testing operations in an efficient manner. RUDOLPH MetaPulse 200 is a highly flexible and reliable wafer testing and metrology system that is suitable for use in a variety of applications. Its reliable and precise performance makes it a highly valued and preferred choice in the semiconductor industry. This versatile unit is especially useful in providing accurate data about wafer properties, which is essential for the manufacture of high-quality integrated circuits.
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