Used RUDOLPH MetaPulse 200 #9227397 for sale

RUDOLPH MetaPulse 200
ID: 9227397
Wafer Size: 8"
Adhesion thickness measurement system, 8".
RUDOLPH MetaPulse 200 is a precision wafer testing and metrology equipment for semiconductor devices. It enables sophisticated measurements of both IC chips and photolithography patterns on wafers, including optically flat, thick, thin and multi-material wafers. The system provides a combination of optical imaging, an automated motion stage, and surface profilometry for surface and defect analysis. A large field off-axis imaging unit takes full-chip images. This is complemented by a 3-axis piezo stage for adding precision control during focus, set-up, and XY image acquisition. Using the automated surface profilometry feature, an automated focus and set-up wizard helps to reduce operator time during wafer testing. It is designed to aid in the development and characterization of both surface features and microstructures. It utilizes the Principle of Multiple Reflection in order to acquire images with reduced surface and pixel noise, allowing for precise data acquisition. The machine also incorporates an ultra-high resolution surface profilometry module for detecting small surface irregularities. Advanced algorithms are used for the analysis of surface topology and for measuring the depth and size of defects. This module can also be used to analyze the physical geometry of structures, and to accurately measure physical and electrical properties. The tool's software offers a wide range of powerful analytical tools, allowing researchers to visualize, analyze, and report wafer samples quickly and accurately. Its intuitive graphical user interface enables users to easily analyze data, and to share findings with other systems. In addition to data acquisition and analysis, RUDOLPH META PULSE 200 also offers the possibility of exporting data to various third-party software packages for further processing. The asset is a cost-effective and reliable solution for wafer testing and metrology, and has been designed to fulfill the needs of the most demanding semiconductor manufactures. Its accuracy, speed, and flexibility are designed specifically to provide reliable results without sacrificing performance. It is the ideal model for measuring wafers with ultra-precision.
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