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RUDOLPH MetaPulse 200
ID: 9262862
Thickness measurement system Wavelength: 800 nm Watt: 2W and 5W.
RUDOLPH MetaPulse 200 is a full-featured wafer testing and metrology solution ideal for multi-site applications. This tool utilizes a '3D' metrology equipment which is designed to measure complex characteristics of wafers on multiple levels of the wafer surface to ensure optimal metrological results. It can measure the size, thickness, shape, and position of multiple layers of wafers. This system automates the process of testing a wide variety of applications such as wafer level CMP, lithography, doping, etching, patterning, and more. With its automated test, the metrology unit is able to provide rapid, reliable, and repeatable results, enabling customers to better understand their products in real-time. RUDOLPH META PULSE 200 is equipped with an in-plane rotation stage, allowing it to optimize measurement accuracy by fully rotating the substrate surface in relation to the instrument's laser optics. This allows the metrological results of each substrate to be comparable regardless of substrate size. The machine is also designed to address the various requirements of specific dimensions and applications to the customers' convenience. It can optimize multiple parameters such as processing steps, environmental conditions, and scan accuracy, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. In addition, MetaPulse 200 offers a higher resolution and a large field of view, which is ideal for full wafer and 3D scans for a fast product inspection. It has a compact unit design that allows multiple systems to be configured in one engine, which reduces footprint and costs. META PULSE 200 further provides customers with an optimized workflow that is user-friendly and includes an intuitive GUI to allow various measurement tasks to be completed quickly and accurately. In conclusion, RUDOLPH MetaPulse 200 is an excellent wafer testing and metrology solution that enables customers to test, inspect, and measure their products to ensure the highest quality results. It saves time and money with its automated testing and offers full, accurate 3D analysis in one machine.
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