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RUDOLPH MetaPulse 200X
ID: 9147690
Thickness measurement system.
RUDOLPH MetaPulse 200X is a multi-configuration metrology and wafer testing equipment. It combines high-precision metrology capabilities with a flexible architecture designed to meet a wide variety of customer requirements. The system is capable of measuring a variety of wafer properties, including geometrics, electrical parameters, and thin-film thickness. The heart of MetaPulse 200X is the high-precision stage and scanning optics. This combination provides a dynamic, scalable, and versatile platform for the rapid acquisition of metrology data. The stage is capable of movement on six axes with sub-micron accuracy. The optics are equipped with several different lenses and filters for a wide range of applications. The unit also features a variety of fixtures and accessories designed for specific measuring tasks. RUDOLPH MetaPulse 200X is capable of performing a variety of surface analysis techniques and inspecting various materials such as substrates, crystals, and micromachined components. The built-in metrology software allows the user to easily perform several types of measurements and generate comprehensive reports. MetaPulse 200X also includes a fully automated wafer probe station. This feature allows the user to test electrical attributes of test substrates with great ease. The machine is also equipped with several advanced surface imaging techniques, such as optical microscopy and laser scanning confocal microscopy. Finally, RUDOLPH MetaPulse 200X is designed for modern, cleanroom manufacturing environments. Its sturdy construction ensures robust performance in harsh, cleanroom environments. Additionally, the tool's state-of-the-art safety features provide maximum operator protection. MetaPulse 200X is an advanced multi-configuration metrology and wafer testing asset designed for the most demanding industrial needs. With its high-precision stage and scanning optics, and a wide range of fixtures and accessories, the model is capable of measuring a variety of wafer properties with significant accuracy and precision. Additionally, its fully automated wafer probe station and state-of-the-art safety features make RUDOLPH MetaPulse 200X an ideal choice for modern, cleanroom manufacturing environments.
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