Used RUDOLPH MetaPulse 300 #9098968 for sale

ID: 9098968
Wafer Size: 8"
Vintage: 2007
Thin film measurement system, 8" 2007 vintage.
RUDOLPH MetaPulse 300 is an advanced, multi-purpose wafer testing and metrology system. It utilizes a 300mm wafer chuck with a range of in-situ metrology options and a range of electrical testing capabilities. The chuck is air-bearing that is designed to quickly and accurately measure and report wafer characteristics including full scaling circumference, half-wafer, step, center of curvature, radius of curvature, height, and other dimensions according to user-defined parameters. The metaPulse motorized chuck is offers a choice of manual or automated operation. It is geared to deliver maximum measurement repeatability and reliability. MetaPulse 300 also provides a range of electrical testing spin-stations for testing circuits on the micro-sized die. Depending on the interface desired, tests can be conducted via a standard contact probe or through a range of non-contact technologies including capacitive, force-imaging, piezoelectric, and high-brightness LED micro-tapping. For more automated solutions, RUDOLPH MetaPulse 300 offers robotic automation solutions that allow flexible movement and precise control of the robot position to ensure electrical tests accuracy. MetaPulse 300 also features a range of optional confocal imaging and optical measurements. This advanced imaging technology captures 3D surface topography, defects, and non-uniformities on the device surface, then displays them in real-time. Illuminations such as UV, ring, halogen, and laser provide a choice of illumination sources for optimal imaging and metrology. Overall, RUDOLPH MetaPulse 300 provides a comprehensive solution to wafer testing and metrology, with fast and reliable solutions that meet the most stringent performance requirements. It is designed to facilitate fast development cycles, high speed prototyping, and higher factory throughput for desired applications. Additionally, intuitive user interfaces and software optimization tools, mean that tasks can be quickly completed without requiring specialist knowledge or expertise.
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