Used RUDOLPH Metapulse XCu #9170417 for sale

RUDOLPH Metapulse XCu
ID: 9170417
Ellipsometer, 8".
RUDOLPH Metapulse XCu wafer testing and metrology equipment offers high-precision results for wafer testing and metrology applications. With its integrated hardware and software, it provides users with the capability to automate the production of today's ultra-small, high-density, and complex interconnect structures. This system features the patented Metapulse Vision Gauging Unit (MVG) to ensure the highest accuracy of measurements while also maintaining fast operations. It also includes a wide array of optical and electrical testing capabilities, enabling the user to perform high-quality imaging and measurements. The machine is easy to setup and the user interface is intuitive and user friendly. It can be configured according to the user's application needs, with easy access to the most important components in the tool. Additionally, the asset is equipped with integrated software that automates and simplifies data capture, storage, and retrieval. This software can be used to generate a variety of reports that can be customized and tailored to meet the user's needs. The model provides precise analysis and characterization of wafers, therefore reducing the need for extensive post-processing and manual interpretation. This makes it ideal for manufacturers to maintain tight control over their production. Additionally, the equipment is able to maintain high-quality consistency by performing in-line testing and metrology of wafers as they pass through the production line. Metapulse XCu features a closed-loop vision system that enables the user to analyze multiple features in real-time, including surface features, critical dimension, deposit thickness, and wafer fusion. It also features variable image capture and advanced 3D imaging techniques that allow for efficient surface inspection. Other uses of this unit include defect detection, reliability testing, and analyzing the metrology of interconnect structures. RUDOLPH Metapulse XCu wafer testing and metrology machine is designed to be versatile, reliable, and easy-to-use. With its intuitive user interface and advanced optical and electrical test suite, users can quickly determine the integrity of their products and reduce the risks of costly errors. The accuracy and speed of this tool make it an invaluable tool for wafer testing and metrology applications in semiconductor manufacturing.
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