Used RUDOLPH Metapulse #9157665 for sale

RUDOLPH Metapulse
ID: 9157665
Wafer Size: 8"
Thickness measurement system, 8".
RUDOLPH Metapulse is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to monitor the performance and quality of wafers during the production process. It is capable of measuring a wide range of properties such as surface roughness, linearity, wafer thickness, etch rate, pitch and positional accuracy, pattern accuracy, critical dimension, surface topography, atomic density, and surface contamination. The system utilizes a range of physical and electrical measurements and instrumentation including energy dispersive X-ray spectrophotometry, scanning electron microscope, photo-thermal imaging, laser interferometry, focuses ion beam imaging, critical dimension scanning electron microscope and nano-SEM. With these tools, RUDOLPH META PULSE provides highly detailed images of the wafer structures and detect inspections with an accuracy of 1-nanometer or better. The unit also features several advanced features that enable operators to rapidly diagnose defects and make adjustments to process parameters before they affect the final product. This includes an advanced defect detection suite that offers image enhancement, automated rule, real-time peak/valley detection and contour analysis. Additionally, users can quickly employ context-specific tools for a range of applications such as surface analysis, die-level metrology, layer analysis, package mapping and stress and strain measurement. Metapulse machine is a comprehensive, high-precision wafer testing and metrology tool with advanced features that make it suitable for a range of industries, including microelectronics, photovoltaics, micro-mechanical and medical device manufacturing. Protected by a non-disclosure policy, the asset can also be used for research and development to ensure the highest quality products are delivered in the most efficient manner.
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