Used RUDOLPH MP 300 #9206061 for sale

ID: 9206061
Wafer Size: 12"
Vintage: 2007
System, 12" 2007 vintage.
RUDOLPH MP 300 is a versatile wafer tester and metrology equipment. It is designed for semiconductor and related industries that require advanced testing and characterization of their products. RUDOLPH MP300 provides accurate measurements of transistor mobility, current-voltage characteristics, contact resistance, contact capacitance, dielectric constant, and other parameters necessary to evaluate device performance. MP-300 is equipped with hardware and software components to control and readout various testing processes. It utilizes an up-to-date FPGA-based architecture as well as a powerful scanning and test data acquisitions systems to provide test data with fast turnaround time. Due to its advanced control architecture, testing processes can be configured for the most appropriate sampling rate, resolution and sample density, ensuring accuracy and repeatability of results. It is capable of performing scanning measurements with nanometer accuracy, with its advanced scanning stage providing a full range of positioning capabilities. RUDOLPH MP-300 also features a dedicated software suite, RUDOLPH Control and Analysis package, which is included with each system. This software allows user-defined procedures to be generated and adapted to specific device test requirements, allowing an ultimately customized testing process. The user interface is highly intuitive, and data analysis and interpretation can be performed quickly and efficiently with powerful graphical aids. Furthermore, integrated real-time control of all the test components is available. MP300 provides an extensive range of peripheral accessories, which can be attached to the unit in an easy and safe way. This all-in-one machine is particularly well-suited for testing the more complex devices, where environmental effects must be taken into account. In addition to its standard software package, RUDOLPH also provides an API library, which allows custom software solutions to be developed in-house. In conclusion, MP 300 is a versatile and efficient wafer testing and metrology tool, providing high accuracy and repeatability. Its comprehensive range of software and hardware components makes it the ideal solution for testing complex semiconductor devices. With its intuitive user interface, easy installation of accessories, and cost-efficient API library, it is the perfect choice for those needing a reliable and accurate testing and characterization of their devices.
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