Used RUDOLPH MP 300 #9206062 for sale

ID: 9206062
Wafer Size: 12"
Vintage: 2009
System, 12" 2009 vintage.
RUDOLPH MP 300 is a leading-edge wafer testing and metrology equipment that offers high performance, accuracy, and efficiency. It combines a comprehensive range of testing and metrology capabilities into a single integrated platform, enabling operators to easily evaluate wafers and determine key parameters such as defects and material properties. RUDOLPH MP300 system utilizes the latest optical and digital technology, providing users with an advanced, intuitive user interface. The unit provides precise and reliable testing capabilities, including host computer control, automated wafer stage scanning, real-time imaging, and a range of other metrology functions. The machine's sophisticated and powerful motorized microscope stage improves inspection speed while remaining incredibly accurate. Its motorized wafer stage provides precise alignment and scanning capabilities, enabling high-speed testing of wafers. It features high-end lenses and cameras, guaranteeing accurate imaging data. The tool is designed for maximum flexibility, allowing users to customize the test parameters specific to their application. It supports numerous probing protocols, including string scan and sequence scan, and is capable of measuring various parameters such as electrical characteristics, surface roughness, and film thickness. MP-300 also includes specialized software that helps users analyze and interpret data quickly and accurately. The advanced data analysis and displays are customizable and include powerful graphical representation functions such as histograms and polar plots. MP 300 is an advanced and comprehensive wafer testing and metrology asset, designed to provide high performance, accuracy, and efficiency. With its intuitive user interface, powerful motorized microscope stage, and range of specialized software tools, the model helps users to quickly and accurately evaluate wafers and measure key parameters.
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