Used RUDOLPH MP 300 #9209499 for sale

ID: 9209499
Wafer Size: 12"
Systems, 12" Cu Film thickness measurement system.
RUDOLPH MP 300 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to reduce cost, reduce downtime, and optimize productivity, while providing accuracy and speed. The system combines speed and precision to deliver the highest level of wafer test data available. RUDOLPH MP300 is capable of carrying out wafer testing and metrology tasks on both front side and backside of a wafer. The unit includes a high-precision, 150kV electron beam detector, which creates images of the wafer with exacting clarity. The beam can be used to inspect through multiple layers of materials at any angle. It is also equipped with an in-line mapping machine that is used to accurately calibrate the beam for more control over the inspection process. In addition to the high-precision electron beam detector, MP-300 also includes a 3-axis positioning tool with advanced positioning accuracy. This positioning asset is used to accurately align the sample to the electron beam detector to ensure precise results. MP300 also features an automated routing software, allowing for batch production of samples. The software simplifies the testing process by automatically loading samples and carrying out tests, allowing for higher throughput and faster turnaround times. It also provides detailed data results that can be used to optimize production processes and increase yields. To ensure accurate results, MP 300 is built with a closed loop, multi-point leveling model with a frame-free design. This ensures that the wafer is kept at a precise level during testing. The equipment also includes a sophisticated control system that monitors temperature, pressure, and other environmental parameters during testing. RUDOLPH MP-300 provides numerous advantages to users. With its cutting-edge components and advanced software, it is capable of producing accurate and reliable wafer testing data. Additionally, its automated routing and intelligent unit control capabilities allow for higher throughput and shorter turnaround times. This makes RUDOLPH MP 300 an efficient and cost-effective machine for wafer testing and metrology.
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