Used RUDOLPH MP 300 #9235812 for sale

ID: 9235812
Wafer Size: 12"
Systems, 12".
RUDOLPH MP 300 is a powerful wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide precise measurements of electrical, physical, and optical properties for advanced semiconductor devices. Its advanced metrology capabilities enable nanometer-level resolution, which makes it ideal for measuring device features on modern semiconductor devices. The system offers up to 32-bit data resolution for better precision, and provides a wide range of options for customizing the wafer measurement setup. RUDOLPH MP300's wafer testing capabilities are highly robust and accurate. It can measure parameters such as conductivity, dielectric constant, resistance, capacitance, and more. It can also measure parameters like capacitive-coupling, breakdown voltage, focus variation, active area shape, leakage current, and much more. The unit's optical testing capabilities include narrow-polarization control, multi-color testing, reflective optical measurement, multiple spectral characteristics analysis, and more. MP-300 also offers advanced calibration and interface capabilities to ensure precise wafer measurements. It features an intuitive user interface and a comprehensive parametric set-up. The machine supports open communication protocols, allowing it to be integrated with other systems or machines. Additionally, it can accept multiple input formats and can be configured to integrate with factory automation systems. For convenience and flexibility, the tool provides a modular structure, enabling users to customize the test setup to their individual requirements. Its sophisticated software application allows users to quickly configure and optimize their tests. This software also stores historical data and results in a secure, traceable format. MP 300 is an ideal tool for advanced wafer testing and metrology. It can handle a wide range of measurements and test configurations, and its modular structure ensures maximum customization and scalability. Its advanced calibration and interface capabilities make it a highly reliable asset for measuring precise and accurate wafer data.
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