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ID: 9257356
Thickness measurement system No Hard Disk Drive (HDD).
RUDOLPH MP 300 Wafer Testing and Metrology Equipment is an automated, high-performance, multi-purpose solution for the testing and metrology of today's advanced semiconductor wafers. The system offers a wide range of capabilities, including but not limited to contactless optical ranging, surface topography, electrical probing, and defect inspection. RUDOLPH MP300 offers a high-accuracy optical interferometer for 3D microscopic imaging in production wafer testing. This interferometer consists of several lasers that are used to measure the height and depth of wafer features, including bumps, trenches, and other deep features. The measuring accuracy of the interferometer is 10nm, and the magnification range is from 5x to 20,000x. MP-300 is equipped with a variety of high-resolution CCD cameras and various optical hardware for precise 2D imaging and defect inspection. This unit also provides the user with high-speed electrical probing capabilities through its contactless measurement technique. It is capable of measuring trace resistances with an accuracy of 1ms and record forward/reverse current on ICs with accuracy of 2ms. MP300 also offers a wide range of metrology solutions, including surface topography measurements, dimensional analysis, and film thickness measurements. It uses a high-resolution CCD camera for imaging and a nanometer resolution laser for dimensional measurements. The machine is highly reliable and produces high-accuracy, full-field topography measurements with an accuracy of 0.7nm. MP 300 also provides the user with an intuitive user interface for the control and analysis of the tool. The user can choose from a variety of settings, test modes, and measurement techniques, and the asset will adjust the settings according to the user's requirements. This user-friendly model allows the testing and metrology work to be done quickly and efficiently. RUDOLPH MP-300 Wafer Testing and Metrology Equipment is an advanced and highly reliable solution for testing and metrology of today's sophisticated semiconductor wafers. With its comprehensive range of capabilities and accuracy, RUDOLPH MP 300 system is ideal for fast and efficient wafer testing and metrology in production.
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