Used RUDOLPH MP 300 #9388218 for sale

ID: 9388218
Wafer Size: 12"
Vintage: 2005
System, 12" 2005 vintage.
RUDOLPH MP 300 is a professionally automated wafer testing and metrology equipment ideal for fabrication plants and research and development labs (R&D). It has the capability to measure wafers' surface topography characteristics, dimension, and electrical properties. It is integrated with a patented metrology technology optimized for testing the most challenging films and coatings in the semiconductor device industry. This technology includes contour scanning, voltage contrast imaging (VCI) and tilt measurements that provide high-quality measurements conforming to international standards. Additionally, the system boasts features such as optical metrology, which provides real-time in-situ data, and in-depth defect characterization of the wafers. It scans wafers up to 8in with an accuracy of 1.5 nanometres. The unit can be configured to carry out wide range of metrology tasks such as monitoring deposition processes, defect analysis, edge measurements, non-contact resistivity measurement, and low or high k dielectric film thickness measurement. The intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) allows users to quickly start, control and monitor experiments, and easily set up different metrology tasks. There are a variety of capabilities included in this machine, such as automated tool support, camera control, data storage, and automatic reticles, which enable operators to obtain results quickly and accurately. RUDOLPH MP300 also uses a unique optical imaging technology, which guarantees excellent measurement accuracy and defect resolution. The asset's design is based on an open architecture, which makes it simple to integrate with existing systems. Its modularity allows the user to select from various modules to match individual measurement requirements. To ensure maximum efficiency, the model incorporates a high fidelity measurement equipment. It incorporates the industry's most advanced technologies, including active feedback control, wave scanning and other high-speed methods. This helps to ensure uniform and accurate results. The system also enhances workflow and cost reduction, by reducing the amount of manual intervention and eliminating the need for user calibration. MP-300 delivers reliable and accurate testing results, which translates to improved process control. It provides the user with comprehensive reports on the wafer's surface properties or defects. The unit is also backed by a trusted reputation for high quality measurement results, meeting all major industry certifications.
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