Used RUDOLPH WS 2500 #9036867 for sale

ID: 9036867
Wafer Size: 8"
Vintage: 2002
Wafer inspection system, 8" 2002 vintage.
RUDOLPH WS 2500 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide accurate and reliable measurement capabilities. This system is a well-equipped machine that features automatic and manual operation. It consists of a graphical user interface (GUI), a precision manipulator, and a high-performance optical microscope. This machine is designed with powerful optical detective capability, allowing high resolution images to be acquired from a variety of sensors. It features a high-resolution display, an accurate tactile-feedback controller, and an adjustable manipulator arm. WS 2500 also has multiple imaging modes, allowing users to easily and quickly capture wide-angle, high-resolution images of the wafer surface. The unit employs an automated optical positioning machine that accurately measures surface features over small ranges. This dimensional metrology tool has high resolution and can detect extremely small features, such as the edges of micro-flags or structures as small as 4μm. It also features automated defect detection and characterization. This can detect defects that are too small or too close together to be detected by standard methods. RUDOLPH WS 2500 has an intuitively designed template-driven data entry asset, meaning it is easier to enter and modify data. The model also has an automated inspection report capability to provide detailed defect characterization data. This allows users to quickly and accurately compare defect data across multiple wafers, identify process trends, and make accurate decisions on wafer yields and process optimizations. WS 2500 offers a range of automated testing modules that allow users to perform a wide variety of high-accuracy functions such as defect vector measurements, permittivity measurements, die-to-wafer film warpage measurements, and more. The equipment is calibrated to the latest industry standards and is compliant with international electrical and optical safety standards. In conclusion, RUDOLPH WS 2500 is a highly advanced system offering powerful capabilities for wafer test and metrology applications. With its powerful scanning technology, multiple imaging modes, automated optical positioning unit, and intuitive template-driven data entry machine, this machine is a valuable tool in the field of wafer testing and metrology. The tool offers fast and accurate measurements, making it the ideal solution for wafer testing and metrology requirements.
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