Used RUDOLPH WS 2500 #9096699 for sale

ID: 9096699
Wafer Size: 8"
Vintage: 2003
Wafer inspection system, 8" 2003 vintage.
RUDOLPH WS 2500 is a high-end wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide precise measurements of wafer parameters. It is a fully automated system with a load port, integrated wafer handling, wafer prober and optical metrology unit. WS 2500 enables the evaluation of actual device structures and the characterization of a variety of process parameters related to the yield and reliability of the finished device. RUDOLPH WS 2500 includes a high-resolution/high-accuracy optical metrology machine for measuring features of interest on the wafer. The metrology tool includes a precision scanner with a variable focus that is capable of measuring feature sizes from nano- to microns and non-uniform locations. The asset has a resolution of up to 0.5 nm and a repeatability of 0.2 nm. It is equipped with a variety of software modules and programs that can be used to analyze data and devise solutions. The integrated wafer handling model is designed to ensure precise positioning of the wafer with minimal damage and waste. The equipment is equipped with a dual-deck auto loader, which allows for the insertion of two wafers at a time for rapid access and loading. The integrated prober is capable of quick delivery of wafers in addition to automated wafer measurement procedures. The wafer prober is capable of measuring numerous parameters, such as resistivity and surface topography, with a high level of accuracy. WS 2500 is ideal for wafer fabrication companies looking to evaluate process parameters, diagnose and prevent defects, and ensure the yield and reliability of the finished devices. The system is also suitable for research institutes and universities looking to monitor processes and improve yield. The robust design and integrated software modules allow for a variety of applications, such as surface roughness, electrical and optical characterization, process monitoring, flatness analysis, and statistical analysis. This can be used to gain insights into process optimization, failure analysis, new product development, and more.
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