Used RUDOLPH WS 3800 #9114024 for sale

ID: 9114024
Vintage: 2008
Wafer scanner system 2008 vintage.
RUDOLPH WS 3800 is a powerful wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for uses up to 200mm wafer testing. It is a fully automated, high-throughput system, equipped with high-resolution metrology capabilities for backside inspection, defect inspections, overlay measurements, electrical testing, and more. WS 3800 features a fully computerized robotic multiple wafer handling unit, combining wafer-orientation, scanning, placement, and loading. It is a single platform wafer testing machine that can handle up to 16 wafers at a time, without reducing accuracy. RUDOLPH WS 3800 incorporates several advanced algorithms into its computerized tool to ensure accuracy and speed during testing. WS 3800 provides an advanced metrology suite capable of measuring both the front and back surface of each wafer. It is equipped with a variety of high-resolution imaging capabilities, including targeted defect inspection, line width measurements, overlay registration, film thickness measurements, defect count analysis, and electrical testing capabilities. This asset can also detect and differentiate between different types of contaminants, such as water, oil, and dust. Additionally, RUDOLPH WS 3800 can detect temperature variations across the wafer. WS 3800 also supports wafer-by-wafer testing, with a high-speed wafer sorting model to ensure quicker results without sacrificing accuracy. This wafer testing equipment can also be customized and modified to better suit specific testing needs and requirements. RUDOLPH WS 3800 has been designed to offer reliable performance over time, and has been tested and validated to resist physical shocks and vibrations. Its multiple wafer handling system is designed with safety features in mind, including load-lock acceleration monitoring, laser protection systems, and infrared sensing for wafer recognition. Finally, the unit comes with a fully integrated software suite that simplifies wafer testing and metrology. This software allows users to quickly build customized recipes, adjust test parameters, and compare testing results. WS 3800 is a comprehensive wafer testing and metrology machine that enables users to test and analyze wafers quickly and accurately. Its automated multiple wafer handling tool and advanced metrology capabilities make it well-suited to a range of users and industries.
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