Used RUDOLPH WS 3840 #9198059 for sale

ID: 9198059
Automatic optical inspection machine.
RUDOLPH WS 3840 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for semiconductor device manufacture, process development and process control. The system provides a wide range of highly accurate tests and process control capabilities that allow users to efficiently inspect and analyze all aspects of their wafer processes. The unit includes a high-end, computer-controlled microscope with a high speed, zoom capable, fast-focus motorized objective and an interactive software package for directing the microscope and data acquisition. The high quality optics of the microscope delivers superior field uniformity and less edge distortion, allowing for the most accurate analysis of sample characteristics. The optical design also uses an innovative 4x5x10 mm, 0.08 μm telecentric lens to deliver unprecedented resolution and accuracy, even at extreme magnifications. The machine features a variety of automated testing and metrology techniques, including high-resolution imaging, automated edge detection, integrated spectral imaging, high-precision diffraction imaging and a wide range of pattern recognition algorithms. The tool is also equipped with software modules for automatically calibrating and selecting microscope parameters like focus length, photograph size, position, aperture size and focus type. The asset provides full control over the platform for detailed analysis of various steps in the manufacturing process, such as wafer inspect, photolithography, etch, dry strip, wet strip, and defect review. The model also offers several methods for rapidly inspecting tested samples, such as overlay metrology and binning of die images and critical dimension metrology. The equipment focuses on delivering accurate measurements at the nanometer level, even when dealing with small features, which can be challenging to measure and inspect. The system has been designed to resolve details with 0.2 to 0.5nm resolution, allowing users to get highly accurate results. Furthermore, the unit's software is designed for fast and accurate data acquisition, permitting up to eight wafers to be simultaneously tested and monitored. In summary, RUDOLPH WS3840 is an extremely versatile and accurate wafer testing and metrology machine. With its powerful microscope, automated testing and metrology techniques, and innovative software capabilities, this tool is the ideal choice for accurate measurements in the semiconductor industry.
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