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SCI FilmTek 1500
ID: 9059529
Vintage: 2012
Thin film metrology system Multiple layer thicknesses Indices of reflection Extinction (absorption) Transmission 2012 vintage.
SCI FilmTek 1500 is a comprehensive wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to analyze and test wafer substrates. It offers superior accuracy, precision, repeatability and throughput capabilities in a compact footprint. FilmTek 1500 utilizes an advanced vision system for accurate measurement, inspection, and alignment of wafer substrates. It features high-resolution imaging technology to capture and analyze data points from large wafer substrates in a matter of seconds. Additionally, it has sophisticated pattern recognition and mask inspection capabilities, allowing for rapid and automated analysis of wafer substrates. The unit also features a wide range of testing tools to ensure the highest quality for wafer substrates. It has the capabilities to measure die strength and thickness, and analyze thermal expansion and contraction of the substrate material. It also has the ability to perform low- and high-curvature sidewall testing, as well as advanced CTE testing. SCI FilmTek 1500's intuitive, easy-to-use operator user interface allows for efficient operation of the machine. It incorporates a graphical display with real-time results that provide fast and accurate analysis of wafer substrates. It also offers a built-in calibration tool to ensure precision with each measurement and test. Moreover, the asset boasts an impressive throughput rate of up to 10,000 wafer substrates per hour. This impressive speed, combined with its superior accuracy, makes it the ideal tool for large-scale wafer substrate examination and testing. In addition, FilmTek 1500 is compatible with a variety of wafer substrates and materials, including silicon, quartz, and more. The model can also accommodate substrates of various thicknesses and sizes, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. SCI FilmTek 1500 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment, offering superior measurement and testing capabilities with high-throughput and precision. Its intuitive user interface, high-resolution imaging, and compatibility with various materials make it the perfect tool for any wafer substrate evaluation and testing project.
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