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SCI FilmTek 2000
ID: 9186490
Wafer Size: 6"
Film thickness and reflectivity measurement tool, 6".
SCI FilmTek 2000 is a powerful wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide advanced, accurate measurements of a range of semiconductor and photovoltaic wafer processing parameters. The core of the system is FilmTek 2000 Unit Core module, which is powered by a powerful multi-core processor. This processor provides high accuracy data processing, as well as robust, real-time control of the machine. It can be configured to accommodate up to eight different optical inspection heads. The tool is equipped with multiple advanced optics systems including Visible Systems, Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR), and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). The Visible Systems optics package includes bright and dark field optical inspections, measuring wafer reflectance and scattering angles to accurately measure a range of metrology features, such as dry etch residue, nanostructure uniformity, and electron beam lithography (EBL) features. The NIR asset is used to measure thin film thickness, while the SEM model allows for detailed analysis of materials and processes, and can be used to measure critical dimensions. A wide range of sample stages are available for testing operations. Options include manual and automated stages; for manual stages, users can adjust parameters in real-time with a joystick or hand wheel. The equipment can also accommodate two-axis mechanical stages for inspecting large areas. The system's temperature range is controlled by closed loop PID loops, ensuring tests and measurements are performed under optimal conditions. An integrated high-accuracy microscopy version is available, providing accuracy of up to 1 micron on sample parameters. There is a wide range of software available for data collection and analysis, including ImageJ, STK11, and SYNPRO. Data generated from tests can be stored and analyzed on the onboard unit or transferred to an external database. SCI FilmTek 2000 Machine Core is available in a range of configurations, tailored for specific customer requirements and application demands. It is well-suited for industrial research and development labs, as well as R&D and wafer processing facilities.
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