Used SCI FilmTek 4000 #9078037 for sale

SCI FilmTek 4000
ID: 9078037
Vintage: 2000
EUV System, 2000 vintage.
SCI FilmTek 4000 is a comprehensive wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements for thin film layers on various substrates. FilmTek 4000 utilizes advanced imaging spectrometry technologies to accurately measure a variety of film thicknesses from micrometers up to five hundred nanometers. This allows great flexibility in controlling and monitoring films and substrates, as well as providing customers with easy to read results. SCI FilmTek 4000 has a wide range of physical and chemical measurements, including measurements of transparent, opaque, and patterned film layers on substrates. Its state-of-the-art optical design is optimized for high accuracy measurements of various layer thicknesses both in the near and far-field. This system has a low noise level and fast scan speed compared to other similar systems. The unit has an automatic controlled chamber, which maintains cleanliness and controls the temperature, humidity, and air pressure required for performing tests accurately. The machine has an intuitive interface, which allows the user to quickly access all the features and functions. Additionally, it has a high accuracy encoder for precise position resolution and repeatable alignment. FilmTek 4000 also has a variety of specialty accessories available, such as the automated wafer handling tool, manual and automated rotating sample stages, temperature & environmental controllers and multiple types of masking stages. Furthermore, the asset has automated optical and electrical testing and a choice of multiple analytical tools such as angle-resolved spectroscopy, ellipsometry, reflectance, and transmittance. SCI FilmTek 4000 is a powerful and reliable model that provides great flexibility and accuracy in thin film testing and metrology. It is ideal for process control and development of high-quality optical, electronic and semiconductor devices.
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