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SDI SPV 1010
ID: 138847
Contamination monitoring station Photo voltage tester.
SDI SPV 1010 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to yield sub-micron measurements of wafers. Utilizing optical interferometry technology, the machine can offer high accuracy, repeatability and resolution in semiconductor processing and manufacturing tasks. The system is comprised of a sample stage, illumination source and a camera/optical unit. The sample stage is capable of handling wafers up to 200 mm in diameter. The illumination source is able to provide backlight, top-light and side-light illumination with the purpose of making flatness, groove or place testing. The camera/optical machine contains a CCD camera, objective lens and DMD mirror. SPV 1010 also facilitates surface roughness and cross-section surface quality analysis of wafers. By using the direct-in-plane technique (DIPT), nanometrological measurements for surface roughness, surface form errors and other effects can be accurately measured on surface of wafers. The advanced Speckle-based Interferometry (SPI) technology is also used for the tool's surface measurements. SDI SPV 1010 combines image processing algorithms, including Global and Local features (GLF and LCL), to determine the most appropriate parameters when measuring a sample. This ensures that the measurements are highly accurate and reliable. The hardware of SPV 1010 is integrated with a software that controls the operation of the machine. An intuitive graphical user interface enables easy operation by the user and all of the functions can be accessed with no prior knowledge of the asset. The software is also capable of collecting and displaying statistical data for analysis. Overall, SDI SPV 1010 is a reliable and reliable tool for wafer testing and metrology that can be used for scanning large wafers, over stitched surface and image alignment of optical images. The model has a wide range of applications in semiconductor quality assurance and inspection, as well as wafer level optoelectronics and microelectronic industry.
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